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Travel Awards

Award Overview

  • Award Category:

  • Student Deadline:

  • Application Dates:

  • Value & Duration:

  • Level of Study:

  • Required Legal Status:

  • Results:

Application Process
Before you apply: If your conference requires international travel students are expected to have registered their travel with Safety Abroad prior to commencing and application. You will be asked to upload your email confirmation.

Step 1 – Access the SGS Conference Grant Application
Login to SGS Forms Tool with your UTORid and password

From the “Dashboard” click on “New Form ”, from the left menu then select “SGS Conference Grant Application”.

Complete all pages, review and hit the “Submit” button at the bottom of the “Review” page.

You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Email confirmation of registration with Safety Abroad Office – if traveling internationally;

  • Supervisor/advisor’s email address (for the approval process), applicants who do not have a supervisor/advisor should ask their graduate unit for assistance in identifying an appropriate graduate faculty member who can approve the application;

  • Details of the academic conference (e.g., conference name, location, applicant’s minimum registration fee, website URL);

  • Details regarding the presentation (e.g., title, first author);

  • Date by which your supervisor/advisor must complete their portion of the application – ensure that this date is well before the appropriate cycle’s deadline (see Application Dates above); and

  • Proposed budget for the conference/travel (for information purposes only).

Step 2 – Supervisor/Advisor Portion
Once submitted, the identified supervisor/advisor will:

  • Receive an email with a web link that they must use to review and approve the application;

  • Be asked to review the application and confirm the following:

    • applicant is in good academic standing;

    • proposed academic conference is appropriate and necessary for the student to actively present their research at this time;

    • applicant is actively presenting their own research related to their degree at the conference;

    • minimum registration fee for the conference reported by the applicant is correct; and

    • proposed funding from the applicant's department/Faculty (if any) is correct, to the best of their knowledge (for information purposes only).

The supervisor/advisor must also review and hit the “Submit” button at the bottom of the “Review” page.


Step 3 – Confirmation Email
Once the supervisor/advisor has submitted their portion, the system will send a confirmation email to the applicant within 24 hours. Applicants are strongly encouraged to review the details of the supervisor/advisor’s portion within their confirmation email.

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