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Travel Awards


CAN TAP TALENT Travel Awards aim to provide Clinical Research Professionals (CRPs) and trainees with financial support for travel expenses to attend a clinical research conference or academic conference.

The Travel Awards also aim to increase clinical research training and capacity, advance research, enable knowledge translation and contribute to the career development of clinical research professionals and research trainees.

CAN TAP TALENT is pleased to offer up to 10 Travel Awards this Spring cycle for conference participation to enable clinical research professionals and trainees to participate in a national or international conference. Candidates who apply are encouraged to provide details on how they plan to participate and present a poster at the conference.  Poster presentations can be related to the candidate's field of research study and/or be a clinical research quality improvement initiative.

Travel Category

At this time, Conference Travel awards are open for application.

Travel will involve the candidate’s attendance and active participation (example: by presenting a paper or poster, exhibiting their work, or participating in a panel discussion at a major national or international research gathering).

For Travel which starts between: May 1, 2024 – September 30th 2024

Application Process:


Step 1 (Intent to Apply)Please fill out the online application here.

Step 2 (Travel Award Full Application): Upon completion of Step 1, you will receive a link (within two business days) to complete the Travel Award Application.

Application Guidelines:

Applicants will be asked to provide (1) a personal statement, (2) a CV/Resume, (3) and a letter of support from an Academic Supervisor or Clinical Research Manager.

1. Personal Letter of Intent:

This letter should be no more than two (2) pages and should include the following elements:

  • Describe how your project or interest is related to clinical trials.

  • Describe why the CAN-TAP-TALENT program is of interest to you and how you expect to benefit from this training experience.

  • Discuss your current clinical research training environment and supervisory support;

  • Describe your professional, academic, and extracurricular experiences/achievements and how they will have prepared you to successfully complete this CAN TAP TALENT program.

  • Describe your career goals and how the award would help to support your pursuit of these goals.

  • If applicable, describe barriers that you have experienced as a member of an underrepresented group in science or research and how you have sought to overcome these barriers. How would this award support you to overcome barriers relative to equity, diversity, and inclusion?


Please Note: In compliance with the Declarations of Research Assessment (DORA), CAN TAP TALENT encourages applicants to include complementary achievements which are not included in traditional CVs. These achievements will be considered to provide a more holistic reflection of a candidate’s personal achievements. These complementary achievements will contribute to your total score.

2. CV/Resume

3. Letter of Support from your Supervisor/Clinical Research Manager


Variable, up to a maximum value of $2500 CAD depending on the estimate of eligible expenses provided by the candidate awardee.


Clinical Research Professional (CRP), Students and Trainees

Award Timeline:

Submissions will be accepted from Wednesday, March 6th, 2024. We will accept a rolling intake of applications, as long as funds allow. To be eligible, please ensure that the proposed travel dates is 6 weeks away at the time of submission.

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