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Virtual Team Meeting

We bring an entire clinical trials team to your office virtually

Introduction to our Programs

ECHO is an interactive online medical education program designed to connect clinical trialists with an interprofessional specialist team, facilitating advanced learning and enhancing clinical trial skills.

How ECHO Works

Before the session:

  • Receive an e-agenda before each session with a videoconference link and session resources.

  • Verify you have access to appropriate equipment to participate (stable internet connection, computer, webcam & microphone or smart phone).

During the Session

  • A short didactic presented by a content expert.

  • Patient case presentation & discussion (all cases are anonymized).

After the Session

  • Complete a weekly feedback survey to improve future experiences.

  • Modify patient care based on clinical pearls from the sessions.

  • Earn accreditation after every cycle.

Clinical Trials ECHO Programs

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