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ECHO Program for Clinical Research Professionals

CAN-TAP-TALENT is pleased to announce an online program designed to support primary healthcare providers in managing clinical trials in Canada. This initiative will utilize existing resources and specialized expertise from pan-Canadian clinical trials networks to develop and enhance training programs tailored for every type of professional involved in clinical trials.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will gain the ability to rapidly and effectively design and implement clinical trials, essential for gathering the data needed to adjust therapies for new diseases.

  • Participants will learn to adapt to constraints and shortages within the healthcare system.

  • Participants will enhance their ability to collaborate with various experts, including medical specialists (physicians, surgeons, nurses, allied health professionals), scientific staff (biostatisticians, scientists, graduate students, epidemiologists), and operational staff (data and study coordinators, regulatory personnel, medical writers).

  • Participants will be equipped to conduct high-quality clinical trials, thereby improving their job prospects.

  • Participants will develop skills to share knowledge, collaborate effectively, and address challenges in clinical trials.

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